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Best Hunting Knives 2017

So to get this to simpler, let us repeat the finances are $150-$250.

From these threee company's, the best idea when it comes to fit and finished, materials, and overall quality? I am not counting warranty like a figuring out factor Best hunting knife.

Benchmade, spyderco and nil tolerance. I am 23, I am focusing on my second bachelors so financially I've not had the ability to try out many benchmades or zt's. I have held a small grip and used a zt 350 but that is it. I mainly have obtained spyderco.

Pm2, Manix 2, native 5, southard, Techno, Delica 4 and Sage 3 are the type I have owned. Ive been selling them when i recognized I simply need one good knife and do not require a rotation that we know a lot of you've.

So from these 3 company's which may be my favorite bet? Recognise the business is less concerning the name and much more concerning the knife??

Spyderco, from individuals 3. I'd say zero tolerance, but they're art knives IMO, not worker knives. Their lock geometry is from whack on any model you choose up, departing lockbar movement as an issue, and many ZT fans don't have any idea given that they aren't used ??. Benchmade is renowned for getting very wonky blade and edge grinds and I have owned two benchmades with severe lock stick.

If your tool Steel is exactly what you are searching for, I'd suggest searching at knifecenter's manix 2 in cruwear/carbon fibre, or perhaps a lionsteel sr-11 (and not the sr-1, although this is a fine knife too). M390/20cv/204p are damn fine edc steels, and actually the most popular, it's tougher and fewer chippy than s30v or perhaps a super put on resistant steel like zdp-189, it excels virtually everywhere whilst not being king in almost any an area.
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